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Poster: JimBourneSmith Date: Nov 1, 2015 8:06am
Forum: computerchronicles Subject: Can we embed if this is sadly not free to use?

Is it OK to embed on our websites if that facility is available?

A bit of a Rant:

I noticed through previous posts that regarding permissions they respond "its available for licensing". This is a pity, and makes most of this great footage mostly trapped in unusable history. This great internet archive is getting confusing regarding permissions quite frankly. I am getting scared to use anything, I come here for usable public domain footage to use in documentaries or niches, but we often get-- money makers, with material that few will pay to use. It is a waste of history!

Put it in the public domain and respect these people who spent hours creating these works. If you want money charge a dollar a time, you will be rich, rather than "licensing is available", just "let go", and let this great footage become public as it was intended to be.

Edit: It just occurred to me, I reckon you might have big money involved from companies like "BBC" or other documentary networks that will pay a lot. I see the reason why now.

End of a bit of a Rant

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